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Specific modules of relevant material could be delivered to staff as required.  OAS is capable of providing specialised coaching and mediation services that is specific to group dynamics and conflict within a work place. Often there maybe a need to provide mediation between groups and individuals, or provide managers and supervisors with assistance regarding an employee difficulty or performance.

OAS services relate to conflict resolution are based on current best practice and ethics policies.  We listen to organisations to understand their needs and recommend strategies to meet these needs. Throughout the process, we communicate and consult with the organisation to ensure that the service delivered addresses the need of the customer. OAS professionals have specific expertise in this area, and provide services at the organisational and individual level. Conflict and Mediation appointments will be made available and can be delivered on or off site.

All EAP services are tailored to meet the needs of each industry and budget requirement.  Our comprehensive national grid of consultants ensures easy and seamless access for all employees.  Ask OAS about our grid and have a look at our coverage via google maps.

Manager Assist

OAS Manager Assist Helpline is designed to assist managers and supervisors with difficult employee management issues.