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Critical Incident Debriefing

Employees who use face-to-face counselling services provided by OAS Employee Assistance do so through the following avenues of referral. The first is by calling our 1300 55 40 11.  When an employee calls this number they are connected to the intake officer who coordinates the booking.  Employees are also able to book an appointment via email. Cases are categorised as either routine or critical.  Critical referrals will be responded to over the telephone immediately and attended to by OAS personnel within 1-4 hours in the designated areas.  Our Psychologists are strategically placed throughout each capital city CBD, rural and suburban areas, making easy and timely access to our services, by your staff.

OAS is leading the way in Trauma management with a dedicated Critical Incident Support Team with fully qualified psychologists who have extensive experience in trauma counselling, conflict, harassment and stress management. OAS is able to provide a 24 hour, 365 days a year critical incident debriefing (CID) service. Our emergency counselling line allows employees to speak to a OAS Registered Psychologist and counsellors any time of the day or night.  This service is particularly useful for employees on shift work or those in occupations that may involve exposure to crisis or trauma outside of normal hours. Although OAS has witnessed many organisations has had difficulties which are not a disaster but more so of a personal and internal crisis. Debriefing usually occurs by phone when it occurs outside of normal working hours, however if the on-call psychologist assess the situation to be critical then a  team of psychologists can be expected to be deployed within 1-4 hours of the critical incident. Follow-up calls by OAS consultants will be made the next day, one week and one month post the critical incident.

Post incident counselling sessions can be arranged in order to monitor progress and prevent any re-occurrences of issues / concerns that may impact on performance and the well-being of the effected individual. OAS’s Tactical Response to Critical Incidence include:

  • Adherence to the group debriefing model of CISD
  • Helping effected employees and non employee at the crisis point.
  • Assisting all staff and management involved.
  • Working with members of families affected by the incident (if required).
  • Encouraging and facilitating the support groups.
  • Training which is centred on how debriefing and crisis counselling can be more effective.